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Father Anthony Nachef, STD (Doctorate in Sacred Theology)

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Father Anthony Nachef  is a Roman Catholic Priest in good standing who belongs to the Order of “DMJBP” (letters of good standing by my Roman Catholic Bishop and the Superior of my Order can be provided by request). He holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology which he earned his from the Marianum in Rome and was honored to have 4 U.S. cardinals endorse 3 of his published books. Father Anthony is fluent in six languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Arabic).

You can find Father Anthony’s books on Amazon.

1. The Mystery of the Trinity in the Theological Thought of Pope John Paul II

2. Mary’s Pope: John Paul II, Mary, and the Church Since Vatican II

3. The Faith of Mary: Vatican II Insights on the Humanity of Mary

4. Women in the Eyes of Jesus: Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Fr. Anthony does missionary work in many Dioceses and parishes in the United States. Based on the Teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, this website offers a tool for catechists to teach the faith in easy terms. It also aims at promoting the true Catholic Faith everywhere possible.

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